Our Services

RGS Home Builders offers the full range of building services for residential and light commercial customers.Our range of services include: New Home Builds, House Renovations, Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations, House Alterations, House Exterior Work, General Maintenance and Repairs, Recladding, and Light Commercial Construction.

New Home Builds | New House Builds

If you are building your new home, we can guide and advise you on all aspects of your building project. We can guide you on many key decisions regarding exterior cladding, roofing options, as well as many aspects regarding the fit out of your new home. We will happily meet with you and provide you with a quote.


House Renovations

If you are upgrading one or more rooms of your house, we can happily guide you on your building project, including building options, council consents required, and new building innovations regarding cladding, wall coverings, fixtures and fittings etc.


Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations | Kitchen Remodelling

We mention these specifically, as these rooms are one of the more popular areas that are frequently renovated by many homeowners. We have extensive experience in this field, and we can talk to you about your requirements.


House Alterations

If you are adding a new room, altering the layout of an existing, or undertaking a greater building project, then we can help you. With over 25 years of experience in the building industry we have completed a wide range of home alterations. Talk to us about your requirements. We will happily meet with you at your home and discuss the alterations you desire.


House Exterior | Fencing, Decking, Retaining Walls etc

If your building project involves the exterior aspects of your property, we can happily assist you with your building requirements. We will happily meet with you on site and discuss suitable building options, materials, and approaches.


General Home Maintenance & Repair

At RGS Home Builders we don’t just do the big jobs! Around any home we appreciate there are always a number of smaller maintenance and repair jobs to be done. We will happily give you a quote and talk about your building options.


Recladding Your Home

Sometimes you strike the requirement to re-clad your home, in part or full. Over the years, we have worked with the full range of cladding materials, and have undertaken a wide range of recladding projects. We will happily provide you with a quote for recladding your home, and discuss with you the best approach to achieve minimal disruption to your home environment.


Light Commercial Construction & Fit Outs

It’s not just residential homes and houses we build. We also undertake a wide range of light commercial building projects and commercial fit outs. Will happily meet with you on site to discuss your business requirements, and we will provide you with free quote.

At RGS Home Builders we pride ourselves on providing quality, professional, and personal service. We offer the full range of building expertise along with our commitment to deliver a quality job, whether the job is large or small.

Please Contact Us to arrange a time for us to discuss your building project requirements.